Why Foreigners Are Aliens

Vacío sideral. Destellos por el espacio. Inagotables soles. ¿Estamos solos? Un retrato de la artista de collage brasileña Livia Fioretti.

  • Directors:
    Joan-Pol Argenter, Joan-Pol Argenter
  • Production:
    Joan-Pol Argenter, Livia Fioretti, Jordi Nuet
  • Artistic direction:
    Joan-Pol Argenter
  • Director of Photography:
    Jordi Nuet
  • Script:
    Joan-Pol Argenter, Livia Fioretti
  • Actors:
    Livia Fioretti
  • Video duration:
  • Genres:
    Science Fiction, Social, Historical/Documentary
  • Categories:
    Cortos a concurso,Cortos finalistas
  • Music:
    Dan Bodan (YouTube Audio Library, free of use)
  • Sound:
    Joan-Pol Argenter
  • Locations:
    La Tierra / Earth (Ok... Barcelona)
  • Device:

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